Hebrews – Revelation

Hebrews – Revelation

Sometimes called “The Mysterious Masterpiece,” this section begins with the book of Hebrews, a book that more than any other book in the Bible, ties the Old and New Testaments together. The Book of Hebrews presents Jesus Christ as the Messiah Who was prophesied in the Old Testament, as the Lord Who was revealed in the New Testament and as the coming King of kings Who is going to come again. This section also consists of what are called the “general epistles.” They are called “general” because they are not necessarily addressed to any one church, city, or person but are written to the church at large.

They too like the Pauline epistles contain invaluable instruction for the godly health of the church. Lastly, this section concludes with the book of Revelation. Most of this book consists of a vision that the apostle John had while in exile in Patmos. God gave John this vision of what is the come at the end of all things. Revelation is full of imagry and symbolism and is difficult to understand; nonetheless, it is an important book and it encourages believers to konw that in the end God will be victorious over His enemies and the people of God will live forever with Him.


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