Study of the Old Testament – Leviticus to Joshua

Study of the Old Testament – Leviticus to Joshua

Leviticus through Joshua continues the narrative of Israel’s wandering through the wilderness. It is a significant time in Israel’s history because it is during this time God continues to set apart the children of Israel as the people of God. The Law of God is given to the people of Israel in the wilderness as well as the instructions for the proper mode of worship. Some of the instructions are difficult to understand but they all play a symbolic role and were given by God to help the people understand Him better as well as the role of the coming Messiah.

The narrative will conclude with the children of Israel’s wandering having come to an end. They enter the land God has promise to them and will have to drive out the enemies of God who dwell there. There will be a series of victories and defeats as the Israelites go back and forth between trusting God and then thinking they can rely on their own strength and wisdom for success.


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